Our Batch Line Capabilities

Our multi-metal batch line is a cost effective solution for anything over-sized!

Oversized Project? Not With Decora

Our large batch system is the perfect solution for over sized projects. We can paint product up to 35 feet in length, 15 feet width and 15 feet high. Individual parts can weigh upwards to 5,000 pounds and be of almost any shape. Powder coating steel or aluminum? At Decora we specialize in both!

Specific Metal Required? Specific Coating Process Delivered

Like our production line, our batch line is equipped with metal specific chemistries to handle ferrous and non ferrous material. Most coaters treat all metals the same, but different metals are made of different raw materials and react accordingly to chemicals used to treat them. Treating all metals the same simply does not allow for optimal cleaning and conversion coating performance and at Decora we recognize this.

Our Solution Is Designed To Work For You

Your products are important to us and behind the scenes we are making sure that they are treated optimally to give you a finish that will keep its shine and out perform any other finishing solution!

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What Our Clients Think

  • I always appreciate the amazing customer service and willingness to go that extra mile. Thanks!
    - L. Padgett, NRB Inc.

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