Custom Sublimation

Decora also offers custom sublimation services. Our in house graphic design studio gives customers the option to have their own images printed or have us design up to (44" x 144") for you. These images are then transferred through our dye sublimation process directly onto painted aluminum surfaces. The result is stunning with vibrant colour and a unique dimensional quality.  

Sublimation is the process of a solid turning to gas and back to solid. We print with dyes onto unique transfer paper, then heat the paper and specially coated metal with high pressure and temperature in our custom press.

Dye sublimation prints are durable because the dyes are below the coated surface, resulting in a fade and scratch resistant piece. 

Aluminum panels are powder coated with specially formulated paints that are impenetrable to external pollutants, such as dirt and permanent markers/inks. These paints can also be formulated with anti-graffiti/UV resistant properties and can be cleaned easily with no traces of pollutants.

UV Resistant (5 year warranty)
Many Different Sizes
If you have any questions or concerns or if you need a custom order, please do not hesitate to contact us.


White Gloss
White coating (like white paper) with a high gloss glassy finish

White Semi-Gloss
White coating (like white paper) with non-glare semi-gloss finish

White Matte
White coating (like white paper) with non-glare and non-reflective finish

Aluminum Matte
Transparent non-glare coating where the brushed metal shows through light & white areas of the image

Aluminum Glossy
Transparent glossy coating where the brushed metal shows through light & white areas of the image

What Our Clients Think

  • I always appreciate the amazing customer service and willingness to go that extra mile. Thanks!
    - L. Padgett, NRB Inc.

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