An Inside Look at our Part Detection Systems

Posted May 4th, 2016

At Decora, we certainly take a lot of pride in the technology and equipment we’ve chosen to employ. The fact that we can fully utilize the best technology which the industry has to offer certainly sets us apart from the rest. When it comes to applying our powder coating procedure across a broad range of objects to suit our customer’s needs, we require the best detection systems available in order to ensure the high standard we guarantee for our final products. This is why we’ve chosen the incredibly versatile part detection systems offered by Gema. As this article will explain further, we are able to properly detect the exact size and specifications of the objects we put on our production line by using these systems. This allows us to be as effective and efficient as possible while meeting the high expectations we have set for ourselves.

These systems work according to the same general approach and are employed in tandem at Decora. Generally speaking, the specification of the object (gap, height, or height and width) is first detected at the entrance of the production line and tracked throughout. This allows for the guns to adjust to specific powder application parameters (powder output, electrostatics, etc.) to suit the needs of the individual object at hand. The system is completely automated without the need for manual intervention. It efficiently controls powder output as a means to reduce waste in the production line’s recovery system. By ensuring that the guns only operate when an object in in proximity of it, Gema’s Part Detection Systems completely eliminate overspray and permits Decora’s production line to operate to its full potential.

Gap Detection

Most orders that we powder coat entail processing multiple objects through our production line. This means that there are often gaps on the conveyor between each individual object. Gema’s Gap Detection System uses an encoder mounted on the conveyor to detect and track the progress of each gap as it moves down the line. When a gap is in front of the painting guns, the powder output is halted as a means to retain our powder coating materials. This makes our powder coating procedure not only more efficient in terms of reducing wasted materials, but far more cost effective without running the risk of compromising the quality of our final products.

Gap Detection Diagram

Part Height Detection

As is the case with detecting the gaps between objects on the production line, detecting the dimensions of these objects are very important with regards to where and when the powder coating output is initialized. Having this knowledge ensures an effective and efficient powder coating process that, again, provides efficiency without compromising quality. Using Gema’s Part Height Detection System, the height of each object is detected at the onset of production and is continuously tracked using an encoder mounted on the conveyor. This ensures that the guns which are triggered during the powder coating process are only those which are effective at the object’s height, resulting in an effective powder output without waste. This system also permits the gun stroke to become automatically adjusted throughout the powder coating procedure.

Part Height Detection

Part Height and Width Detection

To further suit the growing needs of our customers, we have also chosen to expand the scope of what we are detecting when it comes to the objects on the production line. Similar to the Part Height Detection System, Gema’s Height and Width Detection System begins by detecting the height of each object on the conveyor, except this time the system is expanded to include the detection of width. Not only does this also allow for the guns to only trigger when the object is in front of the gun (as well as automatically adjust depending on height), but the additional layer of detection permits the distance between the object and the gun to be adjusted depending on the object’s width. This ensures that the guns will not be too far, nor too close, regardless of the dimensions of the object.

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