Sublimating to Circular Light Fixtures

Posted Dec 7th, 2017

Sublimating to Circular Light Fixtures

With the use of our sublimation process, we are able to put woodgrains on flat metal surfaces. Sometimes, though, in order to meet client visions (when they have circular shapes) we can "reverse engineer" the product to make sure the woodgrain sublimation process is still an option for them. The perfect example of this is a sample we did for one of our clients.

How did we sublimate a circular light fixture?

This is how we did it. 

The client sent us the aluminum extrusion that they wanted decorated. Then, we sublimated the extrusion with our woodgrain finishes, using light cherry and national walnut. After we did this, we sent the product back to the client, where they put the metal through a roller, giving them the circular shape they needed, without ruining the finish. Doing this, they were able to create a housing for the light, so that they can install light fixtures inside. While all projects are different, and have different bending capabilities, we are happy that this method worked. Giving the client an a maintenance free alternative is fantastic, and could be very useful in restaurants, hotels, offices, for the home, and so much more.

What did the metal housing look like?

This is how the metal housing looked after we sublimated our metal woodgrains to it.

Sublimated circular aluminum woodgrain light fixtures

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