Cleaning & Maintenance

The molecules on the surface of Decora's coatings are so tightly bonded together that it makes them resistant to many elements found in the environment, such as air pollution, acid rain and general dirt.

Although our applied finishes are extremely durable, a periodic cleaning to remove build-ups of resins and other residue is a good idea to extend coating life. A variety of methods for removal of surface deposits are available. Simple washing with plain water using hoses or pressure spray equipment is usually adequate. When heavy deposits of dirt or other contaminants dull surfaces, stronger methods may be needed. Periodic cleaning also conserves the decorative appearance and helps to reduce the corrosion strain.

Please note the following precautions before cleaning:

  • Do not use wire brushes, steel wool, sandpaper, abrasives or other similar cleaning tools, which will mechanically abrade the coating surface.
  • Some of the cleaning agents listed below should be tested in an inconspicuous area before use on a large scale. Always test a small area first.

Supplier Cleaning Recommendations



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