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AAMA 2605 Approved

Decora is an approved PPG applicator for all fluoropolymer powder coatings. We are the only powder coater in Ontario with a fully dedicated aluminum line making us the number one choice for architectural grade aluminum powder coatings.

ASTM Testing 

At Decora we have a quality team dedicated to ensuring our finishes exceed our customers expectations. All of our internal testing follow American Society of the International Association for Testing and Materials(ASTM) standards. Check out some of the testing our finishes go through below!

  • D3359 (Adhesion Testing)
  • D522 (Bend Testing)
  • D3363 (Film Hardness Testing)
  • D1005 (Film Thickness Testing)
  • D523 (Gloss Testing)
  • D2794 (Impact Testing)
  • D1308 (Solvent Rub Test)
  • B117 (Salt Spray Testing)

ISO 9001:2015

Decora complies with ISO 9001:2015 which is the latest edition of ISO 9001 (ISO's flagship quality management system). This new standard has been developed by experts from nearly 95 countries and is designed to respond to the latest market trends.


AAMA is recognized in the architectural community as the standard for testing and performance of organic coatings on aluminum extrusions and panels. At Decora we are certified to use the strongest and most durable paints on the market. Below is the ranking system for each paint in order of least to most durable

  1. AAMA 2603 - Great coatings for ceiling panels, window and door frames, railings,
    trim and interior applications. Primarily Residential.
  2. AAMA 2604 - These coatings are an excellent choice for high-traffic environments, such as
    schools, hospitals and retail stores, as well as
    flagpoles and other highly exposed
    architectural elements.
  3. AAMA 2605 - These superior performance coatings make an excellent choice for architectural
    projects that require long term cosmetic and functional protection such as curtain walls, storefronts
    and other highly visible, high-end applications.

AAMA Specification AAMA 2603 AAMA 2604 AAMA 2605
Warranty* 5 Year 10 Year 20 Year
Salt Spray 1500 hr 3000 hr 4000 hr
South Florida Weathering 1 year 5 year 10 year

Gloss Retention (After

No specification 5 year >30% retention 10 year >50% retention
Colour Retention Slight change 5 year fade: delta E < 5 10 year fade: delta E < 5
Film Erosion No specification < 10% < 10%

> Official AAMA standards comparison - Organic coatings on aluminum extrusions and panels

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