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Sublimation is the durable, and environmentally friendly alternative to using real wood.

As the only custom sublimation facility in Ontario, we have tailored our system to meet the specifications and needs of the architectural and manufacturing worlds. With both indoor and outdoor approved paints available in textured or smooth, our sublimation system allows you to add that special finishing touch to your projects.

Flat & Raised Panels

Specializing in medium to large quantity production, our system allows us to decorate both flat and raised panels, up to 54" x 120". This process allows a aesthetic appeal of wood paneling, while providing increased durability and the fire retardant properties of steel or aluminum.


Our system is not just limited to flat panels. Designed with an architectural and commercial market in mind,  we are able to decorate extrusions up to twenty four feet long. The malleability of the film applied during our process makes it perfect to decorate extrusions with complex shapes such as soffits, railings, siding, decking, fencing, cladding and privacy screens.

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  • Another great year between TRW and Decora which again has been built on trust and timely communication.
    - R. Ross, TRW

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