Architectural grade wood finishes on aluminum and steel.

A Premier Paint Finish Is Only The Start

Our sublimated finishes boast perfect print quality giving your materials the appearance of real wood, marble, or granite. This offers a great solution for projects where fire codes prohibit the use of wood. Another advantage to wood grain finishes is that they requires no maintenance!

Custom & Unique With Unbeatable Durability

Sublimation is the art of imprinting a specially painted product with a wood grain, marble tone, or a number of other decorative finishes, through a sublimatic film. The inks from our films are heat transferred into the paint, providing a long lasting, and extremely durable finish.

The sublimation process allows for the beauty and warmth of wood, without the time consuming maintenance, and expense, associated with using natural wood. 

Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Wood

Our incredibly detailed finishes also provide an environmentally friendly alternative to using real wood.

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What Our Clients Think

  • I have found everyone that I have dealt with courteous and polite. I'm always happy to let others know about your product and service. We look forward to working with you in the future.
    - S. Andres, Alexander Awnings

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