Thermal Cleaning

Located in Southern Ontario, our burn off oven is capable of handling a wide range of cleaning applications such as fractional horse-power stators, power station transformers, paint hooks and hangers, car skids and grates, engine blocks, water pumps, breaker plates, extruder screws and much more.

For those stubborn coatings that just wont come off, thermal cleaning is a safe, efficient, and cost effective solution for removing plastic, paint, epoxy, rubber, resin, varnish, insulation and adhesives as well as other hydrocarbon-based products such as oils, fluids, grease, lubricants and coatings from your metal product.

Thermal cleaning is a 'heating-up' process in which metal parts are heated to 900° F in order to burn off surface materials.

After the heating process, the parts are  cooled, cleaned and refinished (if required) before shipping back to the customer.

Why use Decora?

Decora has a dedicated thermal cleaning oven in-house, providing one-stop solutions for large and small projects ranging from single to multi-phase.

CLEAN: cleaned perfectly without carbon residues

QUICKLY cleaned and immediately returned to production

GENTLE on the part, tool and the environment

ECONOMICAL in terms of energy consumption, operation, and cost

SAFE through operation with intelligent controls

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What Our Clients Think

  • I always appreciate the amazing customer service and willingness to go that extra mile. Thanks!
    - L. Padgett, NRB Inc.

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