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When Decora opened its doors in 1985, it made the commitment, individually and as a team, to take pride in its work and to “DO THINGS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME”. To strive for the highest levels of customer service and responsiveness and to meet or exceed customer expectations through: recognizing the importance of preventing not just detecting defects, delivery quality products 100% on time and dedication to continuous improvement. Thirty five years later and now into the second generation of family ownership, that philosophy is still reflected today.


Founded as a coatings and quality inspection job shop, specializing in powder-coating, shot blasting, MPI and part washing, Decora has remained dedicated to quality and on time deliveries. Over the last decade, Decora has invested in infrastructure, equipment and most importantly staff to increase its capabilities in the coating sector. As a result, our services have expanded to also include architectural (AAMA 2605) certified coatings and Sublimation.


One of the key strategies that Decora has invested in is the modernization, implementation and operation of an effective Quality Management System across all areas of the organization. The goal is to improve and sustain the overall performance of the business and services offered.


The company prides itself on its dedication to reducing its environmental footprint while delivering an unwavering quality of service to its large customer base, which includes clients who are recognized and acknowledged world wide as being leaders in their specific areas.


To ensure that quality and service continue to be maintained a Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001:2015 is maintained.

Decora utilizes Quality Management Principles in the daily operation of the business. These Quality Management Principles provide an underlying basis to provide on-going improvement of the business Decora's Quality Management Principles are laid out below.

• Customer focus;

• Leadership;

• Engagement of people;

• Process approach;

• Improvement;

• Evidence-based decision making;

• Relationship management.

Quality Policy

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Policy


Quality Manual


To assist our customers in achieving their goals by; providing high performance, environmentally friendly and aesthetic coatings.



To translate our core services of powder coating and sublimation into value for our customers through education, quality, reliability and continual improvement.


To ensure overall success of the Quality Management System we will:


  • Comply with all applicable national and international laws and statutory regulations.

  • Follow the concept of continual improvement.

  • Establish and communicate measurable quality objectives within the organization.

  • Select, approve, and evaluate our suppliers to ensure that we are working with the best partners possible.

  • Gather and monitor customer feedback.

  • Commit to an internal audit program to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the QMS.

  • Adopt a process approach to our internal systems and continually risk assess them.

  • Provide training and development opportunities for all staff members.

  • Hold an annual Management Review meeting, supported by regular review meetings throughout the year.



D Deliver on time and on spec

E Establish and maintain an effective quality management system

D Do what is right, not what is easy

I Innovate and evolve

C Create an environment of integrity and high ethics

A Achieve measurable continual improvement of our operations and performance

T Together we can achieve more

E Encourage customer feedback to help us improve performance and service

D Decide on goals, identify risks, monitor success, take action to improve

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