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Linear Profiles & Extrusions 

Sublimating for over 10 years, Decora specializes in dye sublimated finishes on both powder coated steel and aluminum profiles. Linear profiles can be up to 24' long and 24" in circumference. Our finishes are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. At Decora we stock over 200 finishes consisting of different wood grains, marbles, patinas and others.

Flat Profiles & Paneling

We specialize in medium to large volume production runs on both flat and semi-raised paneling up to 54" x 144". 

Custom Art & Signage

Powder coated and sublimated finishes are impenetrable to external pollutants, such as dirt, graffiti and bacteria. These finishes are also formulated with UV resistant properties and can be cleaned easily making them a durable option for art work and signage in high traffic areas. At Decora we offer in house custom art and design which is then transferred through our dye sublimation process directly into coated metal surfaces.

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