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Powder Coating

High Volume Production Paint Line

Decora's two thousand linear foot production line contains two separate pretreatment wash systems, each one dedicated to a separate metal, steel and aluminum. These washes prepare the parts properly for the best possible architectural coating performance. Certified by PPG, Akzo-Nobel and Sherwin-Williams for the use of AAMA 2605 coatings and backed by a 20 year supplier warranty, this line can handle extrusions up to 24' in length and is perfect for large volume runs that require a quick turnaround. 

Large Batch Paint Line

Decora's batch line is ideal for larger projects with the capacity to handle parts up to 35 feet in length, 12 feet in width and 12 feet high. Individual parts can weigh up to 5,000 lbs. and be of almost any shape and metal type. 

Abrasive Cleaning

Shot Blasting

Proper surface preparation is absolutely necessary prior to coatings being applied in order to achieve optimal coating performance. Since most rolled materials contain scale it is often reccomended that the materials be cleaned abrasively before the pre-treatment and coating process. At Decora we offer these services for parts large and small.

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